Computer for HD video editing,photoshop,flash


Jul 10, 2009
i plan to buy a new computer.
i have CANON HF200 FULL HD camcorder.
i film and edit heavy FULL HD films.
i also do heavy work in photoshop,premiere and vegas.

tell me what do you think of the computer i'm about to buy, if you recommend to change anything:

CPU: Core i7 920, s1366, 8MB Box

Motherboard: GigabyteEX58-UD3R s1366 Core i7, Intel X58, DDR3 2000+, 3xPCI-E

Memory: 1600MHZ DDR3 3x2GB OCZ Reaper HPC Edition Triple Channel

Graphics card: Sapphire HD 4670 1GB GDDR3 DX10.1 DVI HDMI PCI-E

DVD drive: LG DVD±RW GH22LS40 x22 Black LightScribe Sata Retail

Hard drive: Western Digital 640GB 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA II- WD6401AALS

Monitor: Samsung 2494HS 23.6'' LCD 5ms 1:50000 DVI HDMI WideScreen

Keyboard+Mouse: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 (Retail)

Case: Antec Sonata III (comes with 500W PSU)
If you not in professional level, TN panels would do...
But if you want near accurate color reproduction, then you should check out the Dell ultrasharp 24", which has a PVA panel, which is a very good monitor for these kind of jobs...

And as you are into heavy rendering and video editing works, I suggest you get a mobo with 6 RAM slots + 12GB RAM...The extra RAM would really help in those tasks...
Rest looks very good...