Sep 13, 2019
While im playing video games my pc freezes and the sound starts buzzing. Sometimes it freezes for 3-4 seconds and continues normally. Now the funny part is that never happened in windows 7. Sometimes it will freeze after 6 hours( or more ) and sometimes it will freeze after hour.
My spec are
Cpu- amd fx 8320
Gpu - gtx 960 2gb
Motherboard- m5-a78l-m/usb3
8gb ram
700w psu
1.5tb hard disc
So i really dont think its my spec.
I updated all drivers, did clean re-install of windows 10, repaired windows, restored health in cmd, have latest windows update, so i really dont know what can be the problem.
Also i installed win 10 a year ago and it was the same so i just gave up and installed win 7 again, but now i really wanna fix this.