Computer freezes after being on for however long


Nov 6, 2012
So I got this computer at age 12, an e-machines e-1331 or some sort.

Ever since then I've been upgrading it. Now I'm 17 and I've put in an amd Athlon II processor, a sound blaster sound card and an ati radeon 4850. I have also put in 2 extra gigs of RAM and a 600w PSU.

The only original parts are the motherboard, the two 2 gig ram chips and the seagate 750g hard drive.

Now my problem here is as follows.

My most recent upgrade to the system is my GPU, probably my most powerful. After about 2 weeks of having the GPU, my computer starts crapping out on me, out of nowhere. I freezes up and when I try to Ctrl alt delete, the screen goes black with a lone cursor, still movable at that.

It started happening about 3 hours into the computer being on. Then it became 2, one and a half, and its even gone down to about 5 minutes after starting. I ran virus scans galore and found a couple, deleted them, and went on my way. It kept happening.

I know this seems like a simple situation, but here is where the twist comes in. It has NEVER happened while doing process-heavy things like crysis on full, or GTA 4 on more than full. It always happens when I'm just browsing on chrome or checking out itunes. it just freezes like what ive mentioned.

And when I start back up, it takes a few freezes to get it up and running correctly, but then it works just fine,

So here are my questions:

1: Could I be cooking my processor? I know it is a weak link, as it is often what is holding me back.
2: What should I do to try to fix the issue? It can't be too simple so this is its own question
3: Do I need to buy anything? Hopefully not, fingers crossed.

Thanks for your answers and advice, and I will try to answer any questions as quickly as possible.


A deteriorating situation like this makes me suspect the power supply, substitution is the only reliable test for a home user. Another possibility is a memory problem, try running memtest86 for at least three passes to test the memory, finally check your temperatures in the BIOS after it has been on for a few hours.
Of all the possibilities I think that the power supply is the most likely.