Question Computer freezes and turns off after installing new Power Supply

Jul 23, 2020
Hello, I recently bought a new power supply for my computer. Once I installed it, I turned it on and once I logged onto Windows, after a few seconds, the monitor freezes and I can’t move and then eventually after about 30ish seconds the computer turns itself off. Thinking this is somehow an issue with my new PSU, I switched back to my old one however I was also getting the same issue of the pc freezing after a few second of logging in Windows and turning itself off. Im not all that familiar with installing component on computers in all honestly, but I am positive I installed this power supply correctly and plugged everything in where it’s supposed to be, but now I can’t even use my computer. I even tried resetting my PC, but it also freezes and turns off during that process too. I can’t tell if I somehow messed up installing both Power supplies or what. Any help would be greatly appreciated it, thank you!