Question Computer freezes during gameplay


Jun 21, 2016
First of all, here is my setup, and yes, is somewhat old but still performe good.

Intel I7 3770 (not K)
Mobo Gigabyte Q77M-D2H
2x 2Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1333Mhz
SSD Samsung EVO 850 120Gb (for OS)
SSD WD Black SN750 1Tb (my mobo doesn't support NVME drives, so I have installed using an M2 adapter to PCI-E)
EVGA GTX 970 4Gb
PSU PCYEs 500W 80+

So, about 3 days ago I decided to update my GPU drivers. Everything went well, then I rebooted my computer and imediatly went on a ranked match of R6 Siege. After a few rounds my PC suddenly froze during a round with a loud static noise. I have rebooted, tried to play again and same thing happened. Then I used Bulk Crap Unninstaller to completly remove any trace of Nvidia drivers, rebooted the machine again and after a while the Windows Update installed automatically a version of Nvidia drivers of 6 months ago.
That was fine, this morning I have played Battlefield 5 for about 3 hours without any problems. But now I have played R6 Siege again and same happened. Also I have confirmed this happens with other games such as Dead By Daylight and also happened once with Battlefield yesterday.
What I also have noticed is this only happens during gameplay, sometimes it happens a immediatly after the gameplay begins and sometimes takes a few minures. But if I stay in the game menu, this does not happen.

What I have already tried without having any success on fixing it:
  • Cleared CMOS
  • Downgraded the GPU drivers
  • Verified the temperatures
  • Used Steam to verify the integrity of game files


If the system reboots or shuts off or locks up when taxed, it's due to two things, often;
a| The PSU is incapable of delivering power to all components
b| The parts are incurring a thermal issue, lack of airflow or the parts are simply overheating.

Now, how old is the PSU in that build? That unit does not look like it's reliably built.