Question Computer freezes in odd situations, all drives healthy, CMD doesn't find any system issue ?

Mar 14, 2021
Hello, I once again come back for some potential help for my computer, as I have recently changed its defective hard drives hoping it would fix the problem, only to find it hasn't. I've contacted someone who could help, but in the meantime I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here too. Any guess you could have will be useful to me.

Here's a list of what it does: (ALL freezes only last 2-3 seconds, if audio is played, it will loop until the freeze is over, if I am typing, the last key I've pressed will loop "example: aaaaaaaaa")

  • Specifically freezes when watching a livestream and having a youtube video play at the same time (very common)
  • Freezes when playing games (less common)
  • Sometimes freezes when clicking on ANY of my hard drives except C: (window's)
  • Can randomly freeze when playing a youtube video
  • Can randomly freeze when in a voice chat
  • Not a freeze but I have 2 monitors, only ONE of them quickly turns off and on (within 2 seconds) occasionally at the same hour (between 6 and 7 am???)
  • Freezes THEN crashes (no BSOD, computer turns off and restarts by itself) when playing a video while using photoshop (or any drawing software) -> So far it's only crashed in this specific situation
When it crashes and restarts, SOMEHOW one of my new drives disappears from "Devices and drives" and I have to use Command Prompt to RE-ASSIGN a letter to it and make it appear again (???)

Other things to note:
  • My 2 drives are brand new (First one is a few weeks old, second is 1 month old)
  • Crystal Disk says all drives are good
  • sfc /scannow found no issue to fix
  • chkdsk /r found no issue on any of the drives
  • My graphic card driver is updated
  • Windows is updated (I haven't updated it to the Feature update to windows 10 version 20h2 if that's worth noting)
  • No visible issue in Event Viewer except common DistributedCOM "warnings" (Event ID: 10016, The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID ")
  • My computer isn't slow at all and doesn't show any sign of "bad health"
  • It is never overheating
  • I have never overclocked my PC
  • My latest crash was 2 days ago, Reliability History recorded "Windows was not properly shut down", no crash dump was created
My BIOS version: AMI F.52, 15/06/2020

Any idea will be very useful to share with the guy I contacted to gather some info, so don't hesitate. Thanks a bunch
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