Question Computer freezes randomly when playing a game.

Mar 13, 2021
My Specs:
Motherboard: 990FXA-UD5 R5 Gigabyte
CPU: 9590 AMD FX
GPU: GTX 970
Power: 1000W Rosewill
16 gb Ram
500 SSD

Deleted all drivers newest one currently installed
New Windows install
Checked both CPU and GPU temps. Last time it froze the temps were CPU 50C and GPU 67.3C

So I've been trying to find some type of discernable pattern to why this happens but I cannot find anything other than on average it takes about 15 to 20 min of game time to just freeze. Turning graphics down on the games does nothing sometimes I can play longer on higher settings so it doesn't seem like lightening the load really makes any difference. Lately I've been trying Phasmaphobia out and its freezing even when I had the resolution in the 600's just to test. This phenomena only happens when I play games and does not care which game. I tried using Unigine Benchmark test on 1080p high setting in theater mode and the gpu stayed at at 100% about 73C steady for 2 hours and it had no problems so I have no idea what to go off of it seems like it just does it when it wants and it wants to freeze just sometime during a game apparently. There is no sounds afterwards I have to restart manually every time.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you .