Question Computer freezes transfers over the LAN. Losing packets.

May 28, 2022

I am having this issue where one of my computers keeps freezing the transferences between any of the nodes of the network.
It runs on Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.19044.

First time I saw it was uploading a 45 GB folder to my NAS, comprised of small size (~1 MB) files. It uploaded at peak speed for around 30 seconds and then dropping the speed to zero. Then restarting the transfer and the cycle repeats.

This behavior also happens while browsing internet.

I have tried 2 different WiFI USB adapters and 1 Ethernet integrated port, so wireless and wired. Same behavior.

I also tried:
  • Flushing DNS.
  • Resetting winsock.
  • Resetting ipv4 and ipv6 config.
  • Disabling Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter.
Any ideas?

I would run the ping plotter again using ethernet.

It is extremely common to see issues like this on a wifi connection that has a lot of interference.

If you get the same results on ethernet then I am not sure what would cause it. Start suspecting a bad router but you need to actually test this. It would be very rare for ethernet to get that much loss unless the cable was bad but then that does not explain the wifi.