Question Computer Freezes up while Streaming

Oct 20, 2020
So i been dealing with some issues with my computer over the past Year or two and i really can't think of why it's happening i've asked many of my friends who knows more about computer's then i do or friends who work with computer's

So how it all started was one day i was playing Black Desert Online and my computer just turned off

No Blue screen No sounds from the computer nothing it was like the power cable just got ripped out from the Computer then a few seconds later it would turn back on like nothing had happen

At that time i desided to contact BDO Support team because i trought it might have something to do with the game or something they told me to try and clear my DNSCache then i did that
and nothing really happen untill months later so i did the clear cache again but the issue keep on happening

So i started speaking with my friends some say it was most likely my PSU that was starting to Go bad so i finally desided to try and get a new PSU and some other new parts while i was at it
This was around 6 months ago

Where i got a
Corsair RM750x
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3600 C18 BK DC - 16GB
And some Arctic BioniX F140 Fans to add more cooling before this i only had 2 outtakes fans no intakes i now have 2 intakes fans and 2 outtakes fans

So my overall pc Spec is now

Intel Core i7-8700k
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (CPU Cooler)
Corsair RM750x
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3600 C18 BK DC - 16GB
Harddisk is wdc wd20efrx-68euzn0 which is like a 2TB WD Red 2012 or 2014 bought used (If i remember correctly)

Temps while playing lays around 50 to high 60 in C while streaming i haven't checked because i forgot to open my HWmonitor every time

So i got the new specs in got my XMP Profile on and started playing

The issue still went on going
So i turned off the XMP Profile and played
Still a issue i tried to mess abit around with my fan speed and that with no XMP on
Fixed so i no longer have my computer turning off anymore

The newest issue i been hit with is when i use streamlabs obs and stream Counter-Strike Global Offensive

My Computer Freezes up both monitors and all sound from game music etc are gone and it sit's like that untill i hold down my power button untill the computer turns completly off
Then i turn it back on and it's like nothing happen

When i look at my reliability monitoring i sometimes have a Error that is livekernelevent code: 141
And after looking on google for abit and a fresh installment of windows and BIOS is up to date and windows updates are up to date
My issue still happens
I just tried to reinstall Stramlabs obs to see if that was the issuse haven't yet tested it
And i haven't tested if my computer freezes in other games yet both things i will try and do either doing the Night or Tomorrow

Hope i detailed my issue well enough and sorry for the trillion spell errors since english aren't my first language o: