Question Computer freezes when playing media


Apr 18, 2015
As title says - I've just started my degree in Physics and due to the current COVID situation many of our lectures are pre-recorded. These are hosted by Echo360 / the Uni's own website. I have been experiencing an issue where when I try to watch these videos, my computer will freeze and the audio plays on repeat/loop. The odd thing however is I do not experience this issue with YouTube or when playing games. I ran Memtest86 a few days ago which confirmed this isn't a memory issue, I have disabled "fast startup" which I read can lead to the GPU drivers not launching properly and I have been using Glary Utilities quick fix whenever I launch the PC which has shown that Firefox has been creating a lot of random files. Further to this, the issue is repeated on Edge and once again within the specific conditions. Very occasionally I will also experience the freezing just when browsing but when playing intense games I have never experienced this.

I recently installed my SSD and Windows 10, which is fully up to date. The only notable change before this occuring was updating my GPU drivers - could this be my issue? Does anyone else have any suggestions?