Question Computer Freezes while running most games

May 28, 2019
I have been dealing with an issue for a while now (over a year) where my computer will freeze/BSOD while running most games (crashing during games such as rainbow six: Siege, Hades, and oldschool runescape. Not crashing only during very light games such as Hearthstone, MtG Arena, and The Binding of Isaac), I have replaced the video card since the issue started, as well as having tried replacing the ram to no avail. when it bluescreens I get the stop codes unexpected kernel mode trap and kmode exception not handled. My build is as follows:

cpu: AMD FX9590, liquid cooled
GPU: AMD r9 fury
motherboard: asus crosshair v formula z
PSU: Corsair rm 1000x
ram: corsair XMS3
OS: Windows 10 education

I have tried all of the commonly recommended things in other threads and pages such as updating drivers, running the memory diagnostic tool, and others. It is also not a temperature issue, as I have monitored all of my temps right up until freezes using open hardware monitor.

any help at all would be appreciated, thanks

dmp file:
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