Computer Freezing after 30 minutes of gaming

Sep 12, 2018
My nephew wanted me to fix up an old computer I had for him. So I bought a brand new 500w EVGA power supply (I know not the best choice). I also bought a solid state drive and a Gigabyte Geforce 1050 Ti. The motherboard is an old ASUS Intel board with a core 2 duo in it which I replaced with a Core 2 Quad (which the board said it supported) and updated the BIOS so it would recognize the new cpu. It also has an nvidia chipset. It has PCI E x16 slots and DDR2 memory. I installed windows 10 on the solid state and the computer booted fine. Now I know the mobo with the original ATI worked fine and I used to run a Geforce 8800 GTS in it with no issue whatsoever. So the mobo and everything used to work fine.

Everything seemed to be ok but for whatever reason, it would lock up after a few minutes of sitting idle. But the mouse would still move. It would however not lock up when in Safe Mode. So my thoughts were it was a driver issue. So I screwed around with the Nvidia drivers and tried at least 5 different drivers (using DDU to remove the old drivers every time) and finally found the August 2017 driver seemed to work. I was able to play fortnite (the only game he wants to play) at a modest 30+ FPS at 1080p which was really surprising. I played it for about a half hour and everything seemed fine. I ran core temp to watch the temps and even while gaming everything stayed around 60 to 70c on the processor. I assumed the computer was fine and dropped it off at his house. Two days later he texts me and says its freezing after 30 to 45 minutes of gaming. So I looked at it again and tried a few more troubleshooting things but no luck.

I know the card is good because I tried it in my gaming computer and everything worked fine. My only guess at this point is its because I am using a newer card in a 10 year old mobo. But I have seen people on the internet say they have a similar setup and its all good. And again it doesn't lock up in Safe Mode which screams driver issue and not hardware. Does anyone have any other ideas I could try? The other troubleshooting things I tried are listed below.

memtest - all good, no errors.
Used the 1050 Ti in my gaming computer (which has a newer AM3+ Motherboard) and it worked fine. Played fortnite for close to an hour with no issue.
CPU Stress test didn't cause a freeze.
Updated the Bios to the newest version (I had to do this for it to accept the Core 2 Quad)
No freezing when in safe mode but can't really test gaming in safe mode.