Computer freezing randomly, can't figure out what's wrong


Nov 13, 2011
Hello there

It's been a while my computer's been randomly freezing, but I didn't really mind because it was happening very rarely. Now I have relocated (to a colder place, I'll get to the cooling issue later), and rebuilt my computer today, and it is now freezing very often.

Sometimes it happens while I'm doing something, sometimes it happens while I'm logging on, the desktop doesn't have the time to show up, and sometimes it happens right when the Windows boot screen appears. I can trigger the crash by doing lots of stuff at the same time, like creating many particles in Powder Toy while having a video on the screen. I noticed it used to happen most of the time while I was watching videos, back when it was rare.

What happens is that it stays stuck on the same image and doesn't respond to anything. I noticed the HDD led always goes off when it happens.

So, first of all, my specs:

Motherboard: Asus P5N-T Deluxe
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 (2.66Ghz)
RAM: 3x Kingston HyperX 1Gb, 1033Ghz (DDR2)
GPU: Colorful GTX260
OS: WinXP Pro SP3 (x86)
PSU: Corsair TX650 (650W)

Here's what I did so far:

- I unplugged everything unnecessary (including USB devices and network cable). I left only one RAM, one hard drive, ...
- I've tried with a different GPU (a GeForce 7600GT, for reference), had the same problem.
- It might not be the hard drive, it's brand new and I already experienced this problem before I had it.
- Not the software either, I tried fixing Windows using the CD but even the Windows installation makes it freeze. Attempting to boot on Ubuntu live CD won't work either.
- I don't think there's something wrong with the freq/voltage, everything is on AUTO in the BIOS....
- I tried flashing the BIOS. It failed. I had to use the recovery thingy, I'm not trying that again.
- My PSU should be fine, it used to power much more devices than there are right now.
- My drivers are up to date
- I've checked the temperatures using speedfan, everything looks normal and nothing seems to go up before it freezes. I think my computer is well cooled, and I have that problem even when the case is open. Plus, as I mentioned, the room is cold.

- I replaced all my SATA cables, plugged the hd on a different port, the problem is still here. I've checked the SMART data using a tool from Hirens bootcd, it said 100% health..

- I ran a full hard drive test using the manufacturer's program, no error was reported.

I also did some tests using PC-Check:
- Motherboard test
- CPU test
- Full stress test (hard drive, cd/dvd, cpu, memory)

Nothing wrong reported.

Then I tried to run the memory test, and it froze right after the first test, at this step:

I ran Memtest86+ with my three RAMs and it reported tons of error, but it works when only one is present. But the PCCheck test still crashes.

So I'm even more confused now, because I've tried with every RAM I have, even with a different set, and I have the same problem with all of them...

I'm getting really desperate now, it would be really nice if someone had an idea about what could be wrong.



Aug 31, 2009

You can't be sure a power supply is good unless you measure it with a meter during normal operation, and you should never flash the BIOS of an unstable computer.

I don't understand why even the other memory failed, unless it too is bad, but always be suspicious of highly decorated memory.



I also think it can still be a psu problem (because youre saying that it crashes under load), maybe the rails have become unstable. If you have one lying around, try swapping it and see how it goes.


Nov 13, 2011
Thank you all for replying!

I've just tried with a different PSU, it didn't work any better. So it's not the PSU either.

Thing is I got three RAM sticks, but I positioned them correctly when I did the test with two. Also, it used to work perfectly fine with three sticks.

Any more idea? :/

Thanks again


Nov 13, 2011

I've already done that, it didn't report anything wrong :/