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Question Computer Freezing When under load (maybe only CS:GO)


Jun 13, 2017
I have seen some posts with this same problem but haven't found a solution that works for me. For whatever reason, some times when I am playing CS:GO, my computer will completely freeze and the only solution is to turn it off. It will not turn off on its own. I don't really know if this happens with other games since I don't play other games really other than CS:GO, Minecraft and Hearthstone, which the problem doesn't happen with, but I have tried stress testing for 30 minutes or so a couple of times and nothing has crashed. The thing about it is I will play CS:GO for 10 hours non-stop and not have any issues, but I will be 10 minutes into a game and it will freeze and it will happen three times in the next 2 hours. This does not occur outside of the game and only occurs when in-game (not in the menus) which leads me to believe it is either a problem with my computer under load or CS:GO itself. I have already tried running sfc /scannow, updated my graphics drivers, and checking windows for updates. I've had this computer for probably something like 3 years now and I have bitcoin mined my GPU before if that is important. My system specs are below and I appreciate any help that can be given.

CPU: 8700k
Mobo: Asus Z-370F
GPU: RX Vega 64 (1 fan)
PSU: Photon 1200 80 Plus Gold
Memory: 16 GB 3200 MHz (I honestly don't know which brand I think it is patriot but I can't look without taking it out which I can't do now)
Storage: 500 GB 970 Evo and 1 TB 860 Evo