Feb 1, 2009
Hi, I recently put together a new system:
-i7 920 (No OC)
-corsair tx650
-gigabyte 4670 1gb
-ozc 3x2gb 1333 (discontinued)
-WD 640gb
-Windows 7 RC build 7100

My Problem is, my computer will randomly freeze, at most once a day, but its still annoying. Another issue, that may be related, is when I'm playing WoW, right as an area finish's loading, there is a small chance (like 1%, not often) that WoW will just crash. Temperatures for my cores idle at around 45c, they cap off in prime95 at about 80. I've run memtest on several different occasions with no errors, last night it ran for 11 1/2 hours, 14 pass's with no errors. I ran prime 95 over night for 8 hours with no errors, I left it running while I went to work, came back and turns out my computer restarted on me.

When I first got the computer, the asus CD wouldn't work with windows 7, so I went to their site and manually installed the sound driver and updated the LAN driver. I didn't even bother with the gigabyte CD for my graphics and just went straight to their site to update the driver. I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm not too good at troubleshooting windows, any help is appreciated.


Jun 14, 2009
I don't know a ton about the i7s but 80 C seems really hot. I have a phenom II 720 and it never gets above 45C. Try reapplying your heatsink with a different thermal compound. I have had my best experience with thermalfusion 400. Also could try an aftermarket cooler, but you shouldn't have to do that with a CPU at stock clocks. Also I have had problems with memory causing this type of issue. I had a stick that was bad which would oddly enough cause pretty consistent errors. I replaced them and now I am fine. You may want to pull one stick at a time or simply reseat them.


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