Question Computer gets a solid color screen and freezes when restarted

May 13, 2019
So in January I upgraded my computer to an AMD Ryzen 5 2600, MSI Raedon RX 580, 16 gb of ddr4 3200 ram, and an Asus TUF b450 MOBO, I have an M.2 that I fresh installed windows 10 home version and also have 2 ssds and 2 hdds in my computer. I went through some trouble at the beginning because I messed up on the fan installation and was overheating my pc, I put a new cooler master cooler on and fixed the airflow issues. My powersupply is about 3 years old its a gold V750 cooler Master.

I am now having trouble that whenever my computer gets restarted, at some point in the first few minutes after logging back in, both my monitors turn into a solid color, always 2 different shades of either white, green, or blue. Sometimes I wait a minute and it will restart and be fine, other times it just locks up and I have to turn it off after waiting for about 10 minutes. Any ideas on what could be causing this issue or how to potentially fix it would be appreciated, if you have any other questions feel free to ask, I tried to put in my build info as best as I could.