Question Computer Goes off Unexpected and hardrive makes clicking Noise


Apr 4, 2020
Good Day people im new to Toms's Hardware:)
I have an real issue and i hope to heaven there's someone that can help me out please!!!
So first of all...My Specs i have( if it could be not compatible)
MotherBoard=Gigabyte G41M-Combo duel ddr2 and ddr3
Cpu=Intel quad core q8200
Graphics=Nvidia geforce Gt 730
Ram=4Gb ddr2 Apacer 2xChips
Hardrive=Seagate St500dm002
PowerSupply=Model FSP550-80Gln 500w
Windows=Windows 10

4x LED fans
Asus CD Rom
and yeah thats basically all

So my problem is...My computer runs great for maby about 2 hours or more then all of a sudden my computer goes off unexpected.
So when my windows and my screen goes off my system remains ON...but i can hear the hardrive is making strange clicking noises and its like it fails to read or something.And also when my hardrive is struggling to read and clicking i can hear my graphics card fan going slower then faster slower then faster repeatedly.with my hardrive clicking.
Is this a sigh of faulty components>?Or could it be my windows? my computer runs great and i can do anything on it for some while! I can play games perfectly and i can use it normally and then all of a sudden it goes off and this happens then...
Also when it goes of sometime my bois boot up and then it goes off...then goes on and load bois and goes off again repeatedly!
Its so frustrating and i have tried litterly everything!! Removing my components one by one and starting it up back again .But it this problem remains

But when i reset my bois it boots up perfectly and load windows normally...then again this problem appears after some while
i think i pretty much explain everything...If someone can help me out and just to explain what can caused it or whats broken?

I also replaced my bois battery and i have this system for a few years now? Could the Hardrive reached its limits?
Someone please help!
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