Question Computer hanging with a black screen of death with a dreaded buzzing sound

Jan 8, 2021
Hello guys,

I got this computer last September 2019. When I play the games since I got it, it runs fine, but last April 2020, I was experiencing the system freezing with the KSoD, then the monitor reads "NO SIGNAL". Afterwards, the computer reboots, but I see nothing. This prompted me to manually restart the computer with the power button. I am so nervous about data corruption as I restart the computer with the power button. On the same month, I got the problem while playing Rainbow Six Siege. Last June 2020, I got the same problem while playing Wolfenstein Youngblood. Last November 2020, I also got the dreaded system freeze by playing Far Cry 3, and I got scared again about my save file being corrupted. Last December 2020, my foot rest ruined the speaker and now it sometimes produces scratchy noises that affect the system's performance. It also caused another KSoD freeze last January 3, when I was playing Dota 2. I am winning on the time my computer freezed. Can you please help me fix this problem?

PS: I also posted on tenforums about this last November 2020, right after I got the freeze while playing Far Cry 3. I also replied after the scratchy noise from my computer caused Dota 2 to hang my computer, but there are no more replies.

My Specs:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
AMD Radeon RX 580
Intel i3-8100 3.60GHz

I saw my reliability history, as they said on tenforums. The first crash happened while playing Far Cry 3 last November 20, 2020. It's because of a hardware error. On January 3, 2021, I only saw "Windows was not properly shut down" only and nothing else. I believed my faulty speaker have caused the freeze.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You will also need to include the make and model of your PSU and it's age. As a side note, what version of Windows 10 are you working with? Make and model of your motherboard? You might want to remove the speakers from your equation by disconnecting it and use a pair of headphones for this troubleshooting procedure to rule out a power/ground loop issue.

Are the 16GB of ram, mixed and matched or from a kit? If so, include the ram's model.