Computer hangs, why?



My computer locks up sometimes, i donnu why, but if im using winamp the mp3 keeps rolling even when the computer is dead... this is really odd, like all the video stuff dies in the computer..i cant use the mouse or keyboard either...
Im using all the latest drivers.
Motherboard CUV4X via chipset.
Pentium 3 750mhz
256mb ram
Asus nvidia tnt 2 ultra.
soundblaster pci 128.

One more thing... When im playing counterstrike using openGL, and I join a game more then 3 times the computer suddenly reboots! it sounds like the HD dies or something.. it just poweroff with a high sound. (and no, nothing sounds in the speakers). What could be wrong? Im using windows 2000 with SP1.


Also, when im trying to use the midi interface on the soundcard, the computer ALWAYS hangs..


Mar 5, 2001
Sounds like two separate issues. Auto rebooting for no reason can be a power issue. I have a CUV4X mobo as well. You should be using Bios version 1006 or higher. There were some issues with the initial release of this motherboard. But more than anything I suspect the SB128 to be the culprit. I had that card a while back, it's not a good card by any means. If you cant seem to solve the problem try pulling out the sound card and see if your games are stable from there. If worse comes to worse you could try reinstalling your OS. I've got the best results out of win2k when I use this order:

1. OS install
2. Service Pack
3. Via 4in1's
4. Direct X updates
5. Video sound etc...

Try a reinstall only as a last method. Sometimes things just dont work quite right. After all it is Via, it's not as bad as the AMD chipsets, but it's not as good as a Intel.

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GREAT!!!!!!!! I think ive solved the random hanging problem! My soundcard was in conflict with the AGP card!
It has not hang for 2 days!


SP2 might solve some problems, too.
I wish it didn't conflict with my network card ;(

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mmm, it didnt help by changing the IRQ, one strange thing is, when im using the windows 2000 built in Nvidia detonator drivers its 100% stable, when using ANY nvidia beta drivers the stability is [-peep-]. Any ideas?