Question Computer Hard crashing after multiple hardware changes

Jan 18, 2023
I'm getting desperate now, this is a persistent issue I've had with my systems as of late. No idea what is causing it but ill list the issues here that I've experienced.

My games hard lock up followed by a buzzing sound then nothing it stays stuck on a single frame no sound nothing just stuck. I recently went from a 10700k and g skill ddr4 ram, onto a new CPU 13600k and motherboard same ddr4 ram. issues persisted. My desktop even scrolling through steam stutters. I don't know how to explain but even the search prompt for windows lags a few seconds so i though must be bad ram. New ddr5 board and ram. same Issues, random stutters and just strange choppiness in windows. Like new window transitions aren't smooth like opening up file explorer the box flashes white then appears, shouldn't be that way.

I get alot of micro stuttering, strangest issue i had was my my 13600k on the DDR4 board i had a really bad lock up once and my performance after was never the same. Was running like 70% of my gpu even though it says 99% usage in games the frames were way lower than expected. I reset my bios and everything flashed it you name it it was never the same after that crash, its like the board died or something i only had it for about 3 months and was forced to get a new one. Now im on this DDR5 setup i still get crashing and stuttering. The only things that have persisted is my gpu (3080) the pcie riser cable, PSU and ssd (1 m.2 drive and two 2tb ssds) now i know its not the m.2 because i put windows on another drive and still same issues, the PCIE riser cable is new because it came with my lian li case and its gen 3.0 one and i still had the same issues even before that, so that leaves my gpu and PSU. the PSU being the oldest part being about 3 years old now a corsair sfx 750. Maybe its the cables are old or are squished in my mini itx case or its the GPU, ive furmarked the GPU and its never had an issue with stress testing and load. Its been undervolted and run nice and cool its whole time ive owned it, i know the undervolt is good because its been tested and i still get the same crashes even stock settings.

Im at a loss its a just killing my passion for PC gaming ive been experiencing this for months on end, ive spend hundreds to and fix the issue. No idea what to do. My ram is Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith RGB 16GBx2 SP032GXLWU520FDH CL38,1.25V UDIMM 5200MHz DDR5 RAM which doesn't show up on my motherboards supported spec: MSI MPG Z790I Edge WiFi LGA1700 mITX Motherboard. Maybe thats the cause but ive tried without XMP and tried different voltages and old my other DDR4 board i tried different dims and still same issues. My psu fan runs when underload im not sure else what to say. I run prime95 ram test and cpu test it runs fun no crashing is immediate.

My specs are as listed:
Corsair 750W SF 80+ Platinum Modular SFX Power Supply
INTEL 13600kf
MSI MPG Z790I Edge WiFi LGA1700 mITX
Lian LI q58 gen 3.0 Riser cable


Have you done a clean install of Windows?
Also, Windows 10 does not support the 13th gen as well as Windows 11 does. Windows 10 won't utilize the power and efficiency cores as you would want it to leading to lower performance whereas Windows 11 uses all of them properly leading to better performance.

Potentially worth considering getting updated to Windows 11 (I've been using it personally without any real issues)

But in regards to issues with crashing, I defer back to my statement about a clean install of Windows. Nothing copied/carried over from previous installations. Just fresh start with necessary drivers installed from motherboard manufacturer website (bare minimum you need the chipset drivers and everything else can be handled by Windows update)

Install GPU drivers Studio version 522.30 (don't use the latest Game Ready drivers as they are trash. Game Ready is typically unstable to begin with since they are just beta drivers that they get gamers to be guinea pigs for before they iron out kinks and push new Studio driver update)

750w is kind of pushing it for power limiting that GPU with those other components, but the worst that will do is cause the card to throttle and not reach it's full potential since the wattage isn't so low that the card just won't work so that shouldn't be an issue in regards to crashes.

Having an improper riser cable can most definitely be an issue. I wouldn't use the one that came with the case. I would invest into a proper high quality one, preferably PCIe 4.0 compatible not 3.0, but testing the card directly on the mobo without the riser is needed to confirm if it's an issue or not.

To summarize:
Try a clean install of Windows 11 (not 10 because of your CPU)
Use Studio drivers 522.30 for the GPU.
Make sure to install the chipset drivers for mobo.
Also try without the riser cable and plugged directly into mobo.

Additional side things you can mess with for performance:
Enabling SAM/ReBar (look up how to do that with your motherboard and CPU)
Making sure HAGS is enabled in Windows settings (should be by default).

If after doing the initial things for testing against crashes you still have issues, then let us know.
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Jan 18, 2023
I'm on windows 11 latest build 2h22 even rolled back away from 2h22. I've done multiple clean installs and gpu ddu wipes and clean drivers it still persists it's definitely a hardware issue. It might be my Gpu on its way out possible very rare instances I've had screen flickering with artifacts maybe 2-3 times max in the time that I've owned it which is nearly on 3 years now but I thought that might be just a loose DP cable. I'll try a different Gpu as my friend has his and best option it to 1 by 1 slowly try each part and figure out the cause I just haven't had the time due to my schedule so I'd though I'd try here as usually the forums are a good source of help possibly someone with a similar problem may offer advice. Also the pcie cable I'm wanting to get a 4.0 as might as well my board supports it now