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Nov 29, 2015
Hey, so. about 3 weeks ago when playing AAA titles, my PC would reset out of nowhere with no bios error or beep codes, so I decided to reinstall windows in case of a faulty driver, yet that sort of fixed my problem, yet let another to arise, because now when i try to play any AAA title, my computer freezes up and its very annoying. At first thought, I decided to troubleshoot my computer by simply running a few stress tests to see if it was possibly my GPU, CPU, or RAM. So for the CPU i simply downloaded and ran Cinebench for id say about two hours with no hard freezes or restarts. Great. I then proceed to run Heaven Benchmark at max settings 1080p on my RX 580 8GB, this is where suspision arised. When not on full screen, the benchmark ran perfectly. yet within 10 seconds of putting the benchmark on fullscreen. boom. restarted on me. So i decided at this point, it was most definetly a GPU problem. (I also noticed that whenever i tried to install a driver update for my Rx580 id get an error, i think it was 1603 if i remember correctly) So i decided to replace it. I went out and spent about $300 on a GTX 1070 from newegg. Reinstalled windows again, updated it to the latest version, ran Iobit Driver Booster 7 to get the latest drivers for the computer, and also ran Geforce Experience to install the latest GPU driver. And to no surprise, The Heaven Benchmark still worked perfectly fine. So i thought i was in the clear. that was until i decided to download and attempt to run GTA V. I got through the beginning of the story mode just to reach the part where im franklin and had to repo the car and chase my friend to the dealership. I got halfway to the dealership and Boom. My PC freezes with a loud buzzing sound only through my headphones. Yet another problem. So at this point im like. Maybe my SSD is too small for windows to get everything it needs. I mean it was only a 32 GB. So i reinstall windows on my 4TB HDD. and actually ran memtest86. memtest did have a problem so i took out the faulty ram stick and ran off of two Ripjaw sticks at 1500MHZ. Started back up my PC and everything was working fine. so i decided to play some league of legends. Worked perfectly for the 8+ hours of me playing it straight. Same thing with Stellaris. So i thought the problem was fixed. I hop back on GTA V and the same problem again. This time i restart and try with the forest. Same problem, hard freezes. But heres the sketchy part. The game only freezes when loading parts of the map. It will stutter a bit. and keep stuttering when loading chunks until it just fails to load a chunk and hard freezes. This is making me believe that it may actually just be a problem with the CPU intensive games. (Oh i should also note, i kept the original 1070 and BOUGHT ANOTHER BECAUSE I STILL THOUGHT THE GPU COULD BE THE PROBLEM, it wasnt. and i dont think that newegg would send me two faulty GPU). Idk im stumped. I really need some help. I thought i could fix it myself but obviously not. im going to leave what ive tried troubleshooting in the description. (Just in case, i have bought an Asus Prime Z270-P and im preparing to buy the rest of the parts, but im hesistant because i really want to fix the pc I have now. please help)

SYSTEM SPECS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mobo: Asus z87-Plus
Ram: G. Skill. RipJaws 2x4gb Sticks @1600 Dual Channel
CPU: Intel I5 4590s @3.00Ghz
GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1070
Cpu Cooler: Stock Intel Cooler
PSU: Corsair CX750M 80 Plus Non-Modular
Bios Version: 2103

Reseated Ram
Tried Diffrent RAM Configurations
Tried Diffrent RAM sticks
Replaced the GPU (Twice)
Replaced the PSU
Reseated the motherboard
Disconnected the Power and Restart Button
Reset Bios to default
Cleared the CMOS
Dusted out the PC
Inspected the motherboard
Made sure everything was pushed in correctly and firmly
Reapplied Thermal Paste to the CPU
Made sure the CPU cooler was seated correctly
Made sure the CPU was seated correctly
Checked for bent pins
Reinstalled windows
Reinstalled Drivers
Tried diffrent PCIE Slots
Tried diffrent fan headers
Changed installation drives
Disconnected every Peripheral Except for the Keyboard and Mouse
Tried a diffrent wall socket
installed a surge protector
Checked for thermal throttling on the CPU

I should mention. I do realize whenever the CPU is under extreme loads that the PC does hard freeze, and considering that ive added a bottleneck, the CPU is almost always at heavy load when gaming. Could it possibly be that The RX 580 Really was the Problem? But now that ive added a 1070 Instead, Ive introduced a new problem of CPU failure because its always under max load? idk man, im so ready to just give up. (Yet the CPU does often throttle usage, often jumping from 1 to 20% or 30% when idle. and when gaming it can be as significant as jumping from lets just say 40% to 90%


  1. Do you monitor the cpu temp?
    I do realize whenever the CPU is under extreme loads that the PC does hard freeze
    because you use the intel stock cpu cooler, overheat will cause the problem.
  2. When you try to clean install GPU driver, before you install the gpu driver, you should use the DDU to uninstall the old driver.
3) Use the SFC feature to check the OS, even you did reinstall the OS, also make sure the window is up to date.
How to
  1. Other USB device may or may not cause that problem too, because the USB device driver, if it is not compatible with the OS.
  2. Update the chipset driver, either from intel site, which is the newer one.
  1. The PSU, if your PSU is the grey label, it is fine. If it is the green and white label, you need to buy other one.
  2. Because you did test the RAM, assuming the RAM will not cause the problem. 8) Or maybe the MB has problem, I don't know.