Question Computer Has Been Working Fine for Years, Now Only Turns on When I Flip the Light Switch


Nov 30, 2014
My desktop had been working fine up for the last few years up until a few days ago when it started acting super strangely. The front IO power button had stopped turning the computer on. This was a problem that I experienced a few years back after I had first built the PC, and had no actual resolution to the problem. Magically, however, the problem disappeared and everything functioned as normal. As such, I didn't think any of my hardware had fried itself. Instead, I thought maybe the power button was faulty. So I switched the headers for the Reset switch and Power switch. Still, nothing. Curiously, I flipped the power supply switch on and off and found that my RGB keyboard was still receiving power as it would light up, proving that my motherboard wasn't fried. Instead, I think its an electrical problem. I tried unplugging all other peripherals from my surge protector and that still didn't solve the problem. The really interesting part, however, came when I decided to try flipping the light switch on and off, since the top outlet on my wall is connected to the switch. Somehow the computer responded to this, and actually turned on. I, however, was left at a Windows 10 recovery screen, saying my computer needed some help. Hoping to reboot into Bios, I turned the PC off. Then it wouldn't boot, AGAIN, until I turned the PSU off, flipped the lights, and turned the PSU back on. Is my computer just cursed or can someone explain why its freaking out when I haven't had issues in an incredibly long time? Thanks you so much for any advice.


May 23, 2008
Something similar happened to me and was driving us crazy trying to locate the issue. Call an electrician and have him check the circuit to that switch as well as the main breaker coming into the home. You may have a decaying circuit or main breaker that is arcing.