Question computer has problem after being at the computer store

Feb 23, 2019
Yeah so i turned in the Computer for a research to find out why i have fps drop in games
and I wanted them also to change a sata cable to 6gb from 3gb (for ssd) to be on the secure side
Now when i tried to boot my computer i came to the bios and I had trouble getting into windows.
now if I go into the bios again it messes up and windows wont boot. so I have to go into the bios
and Save and exit and windows will work again. My question is, Might there be a problem with the
ssd and/or the sata cable? And since windows also crashed when playing Rust on high settings.
my main question is Can this problem be solved if I remove the ssd or find a better cable ?
I am not so educated with this so I cant myself open the computer but i might get help with it.
I wanna check here first tho if anyone has any clue or advice. (my motherboard is a PRIME Z370-P)
This is the ssd that doesnt work= 465GB Western Digital WDC WDS500G2B0A-00SM50 (SATA (SSD))
I have two of these, one is working and i have windows on it. thankful for help.
ADD: I cannot find my ssd either in bios or in windows 10


the battery on the motherboard that powers the memory that is saved in the BIOS could be dead. there may be a setting in the BIOS the drive needs that is getting reset every boot. a dead battery will not remember BIOS settings and will need to be reset every boot. its a silver coin cell battery 3V lithium CR2032 is the model. they are sold at dollar stores, grocers, everywhere really.

are the drives new? do you have access to another computer so you can test the failed drive in a known working system?
if it does not work here its dead bring the cable with the drive you can test the cable at the same time.
testing the part in another system is step 1.
if it works step 2 is trying on different ports in the system.

all they were supposed to do was change the cable?
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Feb 23, 2019
Since bios remember the mhz on RAM it might not be that, right?
also i can get into windows as long im not booting the Bios, then it messes up
I also have a desktop computer. i remember i got similar problems when trying to install the same SSD
to my motherboard a while back. we got it working by changing the cables.
I also want to ask if my temps are normal, also because it is kinda hot inside (29-30celsius.)
I ll send a screenshot here=

Im thinking if this might be the reason of Fps drop in games ?
sorry for the question cause its not related to the topic tho.
the temps go up to 78 when playing games.

my CPU= i5 8600k

I will however bring the computer back to them so they ll fix it hopefully
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