Question Computer having hard time booting up and opening apps


Oct 6, 2015
I was recently dusted out my computer and after I had dusted everything my computer gets stuck on the windows logo or on automatic repair. After a few start ups I was able to get it into safe mode (weirdly only when my mouse is not plugged into the front usb ports) from there I selected start up repair. My computer had turned on but when I tried to open some applications on my computer they would not open unless uninstalled and reinstalled and from there I decided to try and restart my computer. Similar situation on start up again and I had to start it up a few times and got into safe mode this time I tried to go back to a previous version of windows and my computer fully booted again but similar issues came up again where certain applications did not open again.

From all the information I have gathered this might be due to my hard drive but when checked if there were any errors on it through its properties nothing shows up. My computer is at least 5-6 years old could it be time to get a new hard drive or is there a way I can possibly fix this?