Computer HDD Corrupt. HELP!


Dec 24, 2011
Hi guys in the past 18 hours my computer will not run, it either crashes to a BsOD before seeing the desktop or a few minutes after the desktop has loaded.

I know this may not be the best section to ask for help but i might aswell give it a shot.

If sometimes i can get to the desktop, to the bottom right, applications keep popping up saying "example.exe" is a corrupt or invalid file.

Known ones i have seen with this error are:
and some others that i cannot think of.

Most application i try to run always do not respond, no matter if i try to restart it.

Recent upgrades:
i got a radeon hd 6870 4 days ago, running smoothly no problems until now.

What ive tried:
switching out hard drives - no effect
switching graphics cards - no effect

Sometimes i can run it in safe mode sometimes i cant.
at first i thought it was a corrupt HDD, but now im iffy on what the problem is.

PC specs:
Core 2 quad @ 2.66ghz
4gb DDR2 667mhz.
p5q Se2 motherboard.
Sapphire 6870 1gb/ Gigabyte 5770 1gb (Old graphics card)
650 PSU
Windows 7 Home profession - 64 bit

BsOD errors:
these are the most common ones, there is a few others though.

At first i thought it was a virus but when i switched out the hard drive same issue occurred.
I am not a complete idiot with IT, i know my basics but this just confuses me alot.

All help is appreciated, ill delete the topic if in the wrong section.