Question Computer is freezing at BIOS or gives me windows driver errors ; Aorus Z390 Pro

Jul 24, 2019
After installing an NZXT water cooler PC was working just normal for like an hour, then when I tried to turn my pc back on an error showed up, and then blue screen. It continued happening a few more times each time doing a 0-100 progress and then trying to restart after which it'd usually take me to a black screen. Also when it'd take me to a black screen, the LED coder at the bottom sometimes would light up for a VGA problem and sometimes for a Boot problem.
After a while instead of giving me codded error, it started to give me windows driver errors. I decided to reinstall windows, and well now when I try to boot of the USB, it takes me to a blue screen saying that drivers are missing or corrupt. when I go again to the bios to make sure it's booting of the usb it either freezes or it gets stuck in the bios logo loading screen after saving the changes.
I'm starting to think it may be the motherboard.

Currently running:
I9 9900KF
EVGA 1080ti SC