Question Computer is freezing during games (hardware issue)?

Jan 10, 2021

I wanted to ask for some help. I have been dealing with an issue for a few years now. My PC completely freezes when I'm playing a game. To a point where keyboard and mouse don't work anymore and I have to hold down the power button. Sometimes it happens after 6 hours of playing, sometimes after 30 minutes- 2 hours. Very very rarely it occurs during desktop activities, such as watching a video from youtube or watching a movie from a player.

I built this computer two-three years ago . Everything worked very well. Once in a while the PC would freeze after long time of playing (5-6+ hours of gaming). But then I would restart and everything would be back to normal again. it wasn't that big of a deal back then. Because It didn't happen that frequently.

But over the past year or so It has started to happen more frequently so that it's impossible to just ignore it. I use this PC mainly for my work (video editing for national television), so there is a lot of file converting, importing, exporting. But 1-2 times a week I would like to spend my time playing some games.

I can't remember having any problems with motherboard (blue screens or so). Only problem that I had with the previous windows was that some external hard drives that were connected to my motherboard started disconnecting and re-connecting. After doing a clean install on windows, I think that the problem is gone now.

Can't remember having any issues with my CPU either.

At one point the GPU fans started making very loud noises (like a Jet taking off). I took the GPU apart and found out that the thermal paste was awfully applied. So I reapplied the paste and now it has been quiet as a mouse. I have never OC-d any computer part.

So what have I tried?

Basic stuff:



a) Disabled background apps

b) Disabled startup programs

c) Increase The Size Of Virtual Memory

d) Got Rid Of Temp Files

e) Changed the power settings

f) Updated drivers (under the devices manager I went through all the devices for additional updates. 1 device was out of date, updated it)

g) Using the MSI Control Center, I updated all the motherboard drivers, including BIOS.

Nothing worked.



2) I did a clean install on Windows 10. Only installed the Nvidia GPU-s latest update and rockstar launcher, went to play GTA V (and it still freezed). So I guess a program is not causing it. It has something to do with the hardware?!




a) I did a MemTest. it showed "0" errors.

b) I did a FURMARK stress test for GPU (45 minutes, 75-77°C, no errors)

c) I did a FURMARK CPU burner test (30 minutes, 70-72°C, no errors)

Right after that I went to play GTA V and got to play for about 40 minutes and then it freezed (GPU temp was: 77°C and CPU temp was: 56°C).




Tech guy from NVIDIA forum suggested me to do the following:

a) Use DDU to uninstall all the NVIDIA drivers.

b) Install older 442.74 Driver.

c) In the BIOS disable: "vt-d (virtualization)", "fast boot", change the "PCIe Configuration to [GEN2]"




Tech guy also suggested some tests...

Speccy link:

Firestrike benchmark link:

FIRESTRIKE FOLDER link (contains HWinfo64 log file during firestrike benchmark test and HWinfo64 screenshots of the program window after the test):

GAME (GTA V) freeze/crash HWinfo64 LOG file ( I was lucky to start the log 1 minute before the game freezed, original game time was ~28 minutes) :

CPU-Z screenshots (memory and slots) link:




I removed all the memory sticks. Named them "1", "2", "3", "4" (exactly in the order as they where placed into the motherboard before).

a) Yesterday I took out all the sticks, except the stick nr: "1", I left it in the first memory slot (as it was before). Game didn't freeze, I played for about 3 hours, without no errors.

b) Today I tested out the stick nr: "2", "3" and "4" in the first memory slot. Game froze after 1H- 1.5H of playing. (at least it didn't froze right away, after 28-40 minutes of playing, like before, when I had all the four sticks connected, but definitely not a satisfying result)

c) Later I tried the stick nr: "1" again in the first memory slot. It gave me for about 3 hours of gameplay before it froze.

d) Now I connected the stick nr: "1" in to the second memory slot, and it gave me for about 2-3 hours of gameplay before it froze.

I highly doubt that all of my Corsair memory sticks are defective. I bought my first pair two-three years ago, when I built this computer and the second pair last summer. So the freezing occured even before I had all the four memory slots filled.



Maybe it has something to do with the motherboard, PSU?

My PC:






Intel Core i9 9900K @ 3.60GHz






CORSAIR DDR4 3200MHZ 32GB (4x8)



Corsair RMi SeriesTM RM750i - 750 Watt 80 PLUS Gold Certified Silent



970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 250GB (also where the win10 is installed)


Thank you in advance,

Kristjan M
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