Question Computer is freezing randomly when I try certain things and I can't figure out why.

Gino Sullivan

Apr 29, 2013
So, lately my computer has been crashing at specific and varied times. When it comes to Windows, I can play a very demanding game for a couple hours, and that's fine. However, if I use OBS to try to catch just my desktop with nothing else running, immediately frozen.

I just did a system update, during the update, it froze. Had to do a hard shut down, which is what I have to do every time. Upon booting it back up, it finished the update no problem. Tried doing OBS again, froze. I also right now have two monitors plugged into my GPU. I tried plugging in a third monitor into the mobo, trying both VGA and HDMI, and when I would, it'd freeze the system. Unplugging it did nothing, it'd still remain frozen. I did try to uninstall and reinstall OBS, and I get the same results.

On Ubuntu, I was doing a fresh install and installing programs and whenever I try to launch steam, whether I installed it from the Software Center or directly through terminal after purging it, it'll crash instantly. I've tried streaming without steam running to see if it's an OBS issue, and it's able to stream perfectly fine. Once it crashes after attempting to launch steam, it won't attempt to launch it again unless I completely remove it from my system and reinstall it.

I've done a memory check using Windows 10 memory check tool, the extended one, said everything was fine. Though it's happening to both drives in my PC, I tested those just in case, and they were fine. My power supply is only around 1.5 years old, while the rest of the PC is a bit older (2012-2015 parts).

Under reliability monitor, the only errors are that it didn't shut down properly. However, hitting the reset button on my PC did nothing, Ctrl+Alt+Del did nothing, and quick pressing my power button, which typically begins the shut down process did nothing. Only way I could get it to shut down was holding the power button.

Version of Windows 10 is build 18362.267

Ubuntu 19.04

CPU - i7 3770k
RAM - 16GB DDR3 1600
GPU - R9 390
Mobo - ASRockZ77 Extreme4
PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W Gold

Anything else you need to know or need me to do, just let me know. This has all been happening in the past week.

Edit, I apologize for the title. It's not random if it's doing it at select times.
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