[SOLVED] Computer is only kinda sleeping?


Mar 10, 2013
Hi. My PC was working fine until recently when I had to update to Windows 10 (from W7). I'm fairly sure this is not a hardware issue because of this.

Now, when tell it to go to sleep the fans sound the same as when it's on, and my keyboard stays lit up, but the monitor goes blank. It seems to be half asleep for a while and then after a little while (30ish mins?) I realise the monitor has come back on. If I try to wake it up while it is still 'asleep' then it comes back on pretty much instantly, unlike it did when it was W7. Also, the Windows menu (that I clicked open previously to tell it to sleep) is open when it wakes. To me it doesn't really seem like it's going to sleep properly at all? Is this normal W10 behaviour?

I've tried enabling and disabling hibernation. When I go to a cmd window and type power "cfg -lastwake" it says "Wake History Count - 0"

I've always been able to fix issues with Windows waking itself up in the past but this is the first time I've been confused whether it's even asleep in the first place so it's more confusing to fix.

I mentioned it to a tech support guy at my work (it's my home PC though) and he said Windows 10 sleep is different and not supposed to work as Windows 7's did... I just don't know. I was thinking of doing a fresh install of Windows (not that I really want to put time aside for this) to fix this, but based on what he's said my PC isn't even working incorrectly? But it definitely feels like it is to me.

Thanks for any info. :)