Question Computer is shutting down while stress testing and playing games ?

Jun 2, 2023
Hey guys, first time here!

In the last 2 months, my PC is shutting down while gaming/stress testing. No blue screen, no warning, just restarting.

I tried: new PSU, new GPU (which I turned it back when it didn't fix the issue), new fan, reinstalling drivers, formatting the PC, running on linux, running with only one stick of RAM, disk test, going to a friends house to see if it's my electricity. When nothing worked, I gave up and took the computer to a tech store. They tested it and concluded the problem was my CPU. So I bought a new CPU, they install and said it's fixed but, since I'm here, you can guess what happened: it restarted again while playing Diablo IV.

The only thing I can think it's faulty is the MOBO but even that I can't be sure, cause they said they tested it to the bones and it was fine, since they run the mobo with entirely new pieces and work.
Can someone help me figure out what the issue may be, so maybe I can fix the issue before the weekend?

Biostar B350-GTX, latest bios
1070 ASUS (bought a 6750xt, still shut down)
Ryzen 5600 (old CPU was a ryzen 3600)
2x8GB 2666hz ADATA
Core Reactor 850W (had a bad chinese one before this)
Windows 11

HWInfo screenshot:


HWInfo Scanner while gaming and when it shutdown: newbie TL;DR: temps are fine, both for CPU and GPU. VRM temp is fine too. Nothing stands out, at least to my untrained eye.

Random info that might be useful:
If I underclock my GPU, the PC takes a lot longer to reboot. Seems like the same for CPU, not sure tho.
Sometimes it restart while running 3d mark, sometimes it doesn't.
No BSOD while stress testing drivers for 12h.

Edit: the imgur link now contains the kernel-power error.
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