Question Computer is under preforming

Aug 23, 2019
amd fx-8350
16 gigs of Ram
EVGA gtx 1070
500 wat power supply
2TB harddrive

I had just upgraded my cpu from a amd fx-6300 and my frames on almost all games dropped noticeably. By what benchmarks i have seen in games by people hew have had very similar setups get way better frame rate. Originally my system had a gtx 1050 ti and the fx-6300. Even when i got the pc it was under preforming by what other people's frame rate was in game. After upgrading to the fx-8350 and the gtx 1070 i have noticed very little to no difference in performance. No matter what graphics settings the frame rate is always bad for example i can play battle front 2 at 30 frames on low and on ultra. For another example I noticed something off when i got my pc when it had the older components in it rand BF1 horribly like 30 or lower regardless of quality while i saw people running the game just fine on systems that where identical, and then when i upgraded to the new setup nothing seemed to have changed at all.