Computer keeps crashing randomly and giving various BSODs...


Dec 22, 2013

I recently built my own computer (getting around some issues from the friendly folks here). It's been running great, until recently, it has started to crash randomly with different blue screens of death. After crashing, I can try over and over again to launch it, but it usually won't launch, every now and then it lets me through. Even Safe Mode won't launch at times. The various blue screen errors I get include:


I have run virus scans and haven't found anything malicious. I have checked my installed programs and have nothing that looks out of place. When I check background processes, nothing seems abnormal. When I check memory usage, it is usually only using <20% of my 8 of memory.

The only things I installed were Steam and Steam Games, the driver disk from my MOBO and my driver disk for my graphics card. Skype, Avira antivirus, League of Legends. Running on Windows 7. I ran System Updates to get things up to speed. When I get to System Update now, there are a number of updates I can install, but it's next to impossible to get them downloaded and installed before the system crashes.

I am thinking about just reformating by reinstalling the operating system and restarting, but I'd really rather check to see if I can get it fixed first. I'm all out of ideas, so if anybody can help me out that'd be great. Thanks.


Jan 4, 2011
Have you tried running memtest? I may be off here as I don't really know, but you can download it from here: and test it out. If the memory is bad it will let you know. Sometimes new RAM can have issues. It could be something else though as I just see memory in the error and its better to just try memtest.

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