Question Computer keeps crashing

Apr 18, 2022
Gpu: RTX 2070 super
Cpu: intel i5-9600k
OS: W10
Motherboard: Gigabyte z390 gaming

Had this issue for a long time, where when gaming or just watching youtube, my computer would crash and give me nvlddmkm error, freeze the screen, make stuttering noises in my headphones, turning off my second monitor and not letting me turn it back on, applications being completely black. Sometimes it would fix itself, sometimes had to restart. This happened twice or more a day, depending on my activity. Suspected driver issue or maybe my harddrive(since it was from old pc). Bought new one and clean installed all drivers. It started crashing a lot less, giving me OpenGL driver error and without the problems mentioned before. But recently it began to shut down my pc and then going into restart loop of some sort. Leds and fans turn on and off repeteadly until I pull the plug from socket. It happens A lot when playing heavy gpu games like lost ark. Crashed and went into loop 3 times when trying to play for 1 hour. Event viewer only says kernel-power, eventlog and opengl driver error. Computer is 2-3 years old.

Update: Reduced graphics and i could play now for hours. It would still occasionally crash as mentioned before, but a lot less. Also, when my computer turns off, motherboard's lights stay on all the time, but my power button, gpu, fans and some additional lights on motherboard light on and off. Discovered also, when it was about to boot, i tilted the case a bit and it went into another loop, but i didnt have to unplug it that time. I just set it back up as it usually is and it turned on on its own. Any ideas?
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