Question Computer keeps freezing ?


Jan 27, 2017
Hello, soo here is the problem, computer started freezing, buzzing noise coming from speakers about 2 weeks ago ( randomly ). At first i thought it was random crash and didn't even try to resolve it, but it kept happening. At first i thought it was overheating and i cleaned whole pc with compressor and changed CPU thermal paste and reconnected everything but the problem is still happening.

Then i thought it's power supply ( cuz it' 10 years old ) and i bought new one, it was needed anyway ( old one was having loud fan problem ) but the problem kept happening. I reinstalled Windows 10, new drivers ( audio and video ) and the problem was gone for day and the half. After that i checked RAM with memtest86 ( i have 4x4 ), my motherboard doesn't support 4x4GB DDR4 at 3000mhz, only 2133mhz ( i am an idiot and didn't check 4 years ago when i bought it ), i ran all 4 sticks for 4 runs ( ~3hrs ) and 0 problems.

Problem never happend while gaming, only when i am browsing on internet or when PC is doing nothing, i gamed pretty intense graphic games and never crashed mid-game. I am losing my mind, could it be motherboard, RAM slot ( is it even possible, computer reads 16gb completly fine, once happend it only loaded 8/16 gb and computer beeped 1 short - pause - 3 short beeps ). I am gonna try this weekend to test 1 RAM stick at the time for 4 runs. I hope someone have solution.