Computer keeps on freezing


Mar 26, 2009
I just recently built my computer and it keeps freezing especially during high end games such as, Call of Duty: World at War, Left 4 Dead, and Counter Strike. It just doesn't freeze on games, it also freezes when i'm browsing the web. I have checked my RAM but taking each stick and booting up my computer.

My computer specs:
intel core 2 quad q6700 2.66ghz socket 775 OEM pro
nforce 790 ultra sli
Antec neopower 500w
OCZ SLI 2048MB PC16000 DDR3 2000MHz Memory
EVGA 9800 gtx+


Nov 22, 2007
Looks like powers the issue here, 500w is hardly enough for those high end components, might be a heat issue, normally freezes are not software, and if hardware starts up alright then it should go on fine, unless its overheating or needs more juice but cant get it.
I would focus on your RAM. How exactly did you test your RAM other than taking one stick out? Have you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS? Have you run memtest86+ overnight to test for RAM errors?

What are your CPU and GPU idle and load temps?