Question Computer keeps rebooting in a loop and wont fully start


Jun 16, 2013
Unfortunately I've been ignoring some pc problems for a while. When turning off the computer it automatically would restart itself as long as i don't hold the power button in to prevent it. At a fresh start it always starts up with no network until i restart it once.

Yesterday while gaming it suddenly disconnected both my keyboard and mouse at the exact same time, and therefor i had to kill it with the powerbutton. After this the pc wont power on again.

When powering on, the CPU led goes red for a very short time, it then goes back to normal and instead the DRAM led goes red and then the pc reboots and repeats this process until i hold the power button to shut it down. If i remove all RAM sticks the pc wont get to the reboot loop and will stay powered with the DRAM led now blinking red instead, but its still a black screen and it wont even go into the bios.

Ive tried putting one memory in at a time (i have 4x 4gb corsair vengance) and also an older stick with 2gb but it goes to the rebooting loop every time. Any suggestions on what to do or what could be broken? Is it the motherboard itself?

Thankful for any help.

Mb: asus z97-a
Cpu: intel i7-4790k
Gpu: gtx 1080ti
Ram: 4x4gb corsair vengance 1600mhz 1.50v