Question Computer keeps resetting while playing games

Feb 15, 2020
Every time I play games on my pc my computer always shuts off and turns back on immediately like nothing happened. I don't know why it does this and it happens randomly when im playing any sort of game. I know its not an issue with temps because under load my cpu and gpu never go above 60 degrees Celsius. When it doesn't reset everything runs nice and smoothly and gives me no other problems.

I built this pc about a month ago all new parts
Mobo: Aorus z390 Master
CPU: Intel i7-9700k with Corsair h100i AIO
Ram: Corsair vengeance 16gb ram
GPU: Aorus RTX 2080 Super Waterforce AIO
PSU: Corsair cx750 750W
Storage: Samsung 970 m.2 1Tb and Samsung 860 1 Tb SSD

I don't know what may be causing this problem but so far I've tried redownloading GPU drivers, wiping all data and clean installing windows, made sure everything was plugged in properly on pc and nothing seemed to fix it. Just trying to fix this problem so I don't need to worry about losing everything midgame, thank you.
Your psu, does it have a green CX on it or is the label just grey/black?

This sounds typical if a psu issue and the old green CX psu’s are poor quality. The newer grey label are passable but still not suited to a gaming system. It’s still possible the psu has a fault even if grey label. Do you have another psu you can try or can you borrow one?