Question Computer keeps Restarting

Feb 7, 2019
Hello. I am not very good with computers but I hope anybody here can help me out. My pc was running fine till a few weeks ago. Since then, it restarts randomly out of it's own. It happens faster in games but it happened as well when on desktop, just browsing the internet or simply checking out steam. I did "try" to monitor the system it self to see if anything was off but to my knowledge everything is fine? View:

I have already brought my pc to a shop where they replaced my PSU and ran tests.. They cleaned the whole pc and used a program to run the cpu and gpu on high performance with a benchmark for 2 hours.. they said it did not restart for them thinking it was fixed, With this knowledge I have used a different monitor, safe mode, unplugged all my usb devices and only using a mouse and a different mouse as well but it keeps restarting and it is starting to drive me insane!

PC Tailor

Based on what you described - Do the restarts still occur in safe mode?
Also please list your entire system spec including PSU make and model.
Do you have latest BIOS installed?
When you say they replaced the PSU, did they find the old one to be defective?
Are you connected to a UPS at all?



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