Question Computer keeps switching from wired network to wireless


May 5, 2018
I've been having an issue with my computer where I have it connected with an ethernet cable, but it'll consistently keep swapping to wireless instead of staying on wired. This causes severe interruptions in working from home as I'll get disconnected from my remote session over and over again. It's not always consistent either. Sometimes, I'll restart once, and it'll be fixed for several hours. Other times, I have to restart 10-15 times, and eventually, it'll work for another 5 hours or so before starting up again.
  • If I have wireless disabled, the PC simply switches from wired connection to no connection
  • The issue happens about every 40 seconds or so
  • The issue happens even with other ethernet cables
I tried updating drivers for the motherboard, grabbing the LAN driver for my Z390-E from Asus's website, which was released on August 6th. I ran the setup file, and it didn't appear to do anything, but maybe the installation didn't work properly. Any ideas on fixing this?
If you do a IPCONFIG /all is the port in a disconnected state or does it just not have proper IP addresses.

If the port goes disconnected it almost has to be ethernet cable....or you need to hope it is. This is a physical problem so it is either the port or the cable.

I would try a brand new cable cat5e or better. Make sure it is pure copper (no cca) and has wire size 22-24 ( no flat or thin cables).

If you are using cable that runs thought wall jacks try plugging directly into the router to test. It could be one of the wall jacks is bad.