Computer keeps turning off startup


Oct 10, 2011
an not start my computer. begins startup process but them just keeps looping back... can not get to windows screen. also freezes all the time. can't move mouse or turn off w/o using the power button, which i have used many times. blue csreen. on occassion i get all this wierd lines and graphics on the screen . at on point i was able to use windows diagnostic tool-it told me it detected a problem w/my hardware . could this be due to a virus?- or is it the equipment itself? when i first got my computer , i had to send back to HP b/c my mother board was corrupt. they said they fixed it and i've been using it for over a yr. - but was it really fixed?? anyone know anything about what my problem could be? ...and more importantly, is there anything i can do myself to try to rectify this w/o having to send it out$$$! have tried antivirus. THANX.


Sep 25, 2011
Hard time reading your post, but you mentioned something about blue screen.

Assuming this is a BSOD then take a photo of it and check what the error is returning, that'd be the best place to start.

And do you have a copy of Windows?