Question Computer keeps waking form sleep

Apr 7, 2020
So my computer the last couple of days has been waking from sleep non stop. I've used the command prompt to find what device is waking it. First is was my lan connections so I turned off its ability to wake the computer. Now it is saying it is a USB host controller. The problem is that this device has the "wake the computer" box unchecked and grayed out so this device shouldn't be able to wake the computer. Anyone know what the problem might be? link to image showing device


Sleep mode has always been a pain in the butt for me on Windows starting with Windows 7.
I personally sacrifice a few extra seconds of wait time and use Hibernate option instead since that actually turns off the PC, but saves the state of the PC on the hard drive.

To enable hibernate option in start menu power options, open control panel (not windows settings) and change the view from category to icon view.

Then select power options.

then on the left select "choose what the power buttons do"
then on the new screen, click the blue text at the top that says "change settings that are currently unavailable" then tick mark the hibernate option and then save changes and you'll now see it as an option along side the other power options in start menu.


Here's a guide with pictures for you

Search and open Control Panel in Windows

Change Category view to Icon view

Select Power Options

Select Choose what the power buttons do

Select Change settings that are currently unavailable

Select Hibernate and Save Changes

Now the option should be in Windows power options in start menu