Computer led & fan switches on but it does not turn on


Sep 1, 2011
I have an Lenovo H3000 series desktop. It worked well till date.
About 2 days back when I tried switching it on the led lights on it & the fan started but nothing else worked. There was no light in the mouse neither in the keybard nor did the display turn on. can anyone help on what the problem may be????
Open up the case, look at the motherboard capacitors make sure none of them are puffing out or leaking. They should all be flat, if you see any black in the middle of them, or if the tops are bulging, the motherboard is bad.

While this may be a power supply issue, it sounds more like the motherboard is bad. Lenovo had a bad batch of motherboards right around the time your system was made, we have a few hundred of their dual-core comptuers from a few years back that are dying all the time due to failed capacitors.