[SOLVED] Computer library folder sharing between devices -- the win7-folder share is not working ?

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Feb 18, 2017
i have kind of an odd problem where i have shared my picture and video folders so that it can be seen on other devices on my same home network. i have a couple of computers networked together via my router along with a samsung tv that can see the 2 computers as well. the computers can see each others shared folders without an issue, ie i have network discovery turned on for both and so forth.

The samsung tv can see both computers as well for video/picture sharing but the tv only sees the videos and pics on one computer and not the contents of the picture or video folder at all on the other even though it seems to be looking at a picture folder under the root drive. it does see the video folders in the library of external drive though. Try as i might, i have not been able to determine what path issue or index issue (if thats what it is) is causing it.

Typically the path is something like computername/username/folder name, in this case being pictures that is part of the computer library folders. so on the one computer, this works flawlessly but on the other, it does not. they both have windows 7 professional. and before someone asks, i cant upgrade this machine to win10. i have tried and it always fails. I keep wondering if it has something to do with permissions some place but i havent been able to determine that. So im wondering what the cause is or what diagnostic steps i could take to root it out.
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