Computer not displaying video / USB ports / HDMI ports not working

Feb 10, 2019
A little bit of background into the particular issue I've encountered:

One day I tried booting my computer up and the MSI motherboard BIOS screen appeared normally. Once it booted past the screen I saw a black screen with my cursor that could be moved around. After restarting my computer numerous times with no luck (trying control alt delete, control shift esc, etc.with no response) I decided to look up any solutions. What I came across was cleaning out the pc and even reseating the RAM / Dusting the ports.

I cleaned out the PC, and reseated the RAM sticks (incorrectly) and tried booting up the PC to hear some beep codes. I quickly realized that I put them in incorrectly and put them in properly right after.

Ever since I did that the PC will start with all case fans runnin, CPU fan running, PSU seemingly running, but the video will not display on any of my monitors. I have tried rearranging the RAM sticks, unplugging everything that was not necessary to start up the computer and I had no change in results. I have also reset the CMOS battery in an attempt to reset the BIOS with no luck. I have tried booting without a GPU and with. I have also replaced that GPU with my old GTX 660 with no luck. Am I better off trying to replace parts that I have no way of testing or just buying a new computer all together?

Intel i5 4400 (I think)
GTX 1050 2gb
16 GB Ram Rip Jaws
MSI Z77A G41 Motherboard