Question computer not picking up proper modem speeds ?

Feb 4, 2021
I got a new comcast modem after I upgraded my internet plan to 600Mbps from 200Mbps.. previously everything was fine with the other modem.. got the right download speeds..

When i test the speed to the modem gateway from my phone it says its receiving 700+ Mbps .. 20% more than my plan actually even is.....

but my PC is only getting like 72 Mbps...

I'm using a NetGear Wifi adapter..... it's 5GHz and supposed to be able to receive 600Mbps download. Previously it was getting 200Mbps without a problem with my old plan and modem.

so why would I be getting such garbage download speeds now?

The Tech guy was out here... he replaced some Lines outside.. then tested the speed the modem is receiving from comcast... which was 700+ Mbps..

He said he didn't know why my computer was not picking up the proper speed from the modem.



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You might want to see if your PC's motherboard BIOS is pending any updates. then check and see that you're on the latest version of your OS(if you're on Windows 10, you should be on version 20H2). Furthermore, maybe see if uninstalling your wireless adapter's drivers and reinstalling them with the latest drivers off of Netgear's support site for your device, in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator, helps you.


A6100 | Product | Support | NETGEAR

i uninstalled the driver then re installed with the firmware there...

now im getting 200 Mbps but still not the 600+ I should be
Those "nano" adapters are junk. There is no space for an antenna. Bury that behind your case and almost no signal. You could start with a USB extension cable to move the adapter around. That may not be enough. A device like this -- with large antennas is the best answer. Some (like the one linked) even have a base station to allow you to move the antennas away from your case which can block signal.