Question Computer not starting after using custom resolutions

Dec 15, 2019
CPU - AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
GPU - Nvidia Gt 1020 Super low profile 2 GB.
Motherboard - Asrock A320m-hdv
Ram - Fury Hyper X 8 Gb (2 4GB)
PSU - Some off brand named Agiler ( it came with the case)

My monitor is damaged in the bottom left. So I created a custom resolution with nvidia's control panel. This is what i've been using for a long time now. I switch between 1366 x 600 and 1366 x 650 frequently because x 650 looked better for certain games. For some reason, I had to recreate my resolution and all of a sudden the screen went black. This is normal so i waited but it didn't revert. I restarted my pc by holding down the power button. While on the Mother Board screen I decided to go into bios to revert some changes i made ( turning off SMT). After this I restarted once more but it didn't boot this time.

When i pressed the pwr button the fans would start but no display or input from the mouse or keyboard. I tried resetting CMOs at least 6 times, switching RAM slots, and I opened up my pc and cleaned it entirely, even inside of the PSU. After about 4 houra of trouble shooting, nothing seemed to work. Now the problem is a bit different, the fans start, stop after about 10 seconds then start again and stays like that. Nothing. I know the PSU is probably dead/ dying but i've had this problem before that was resolved from moving around the RAM and resetting CMOS



GT1020? Why are you even using a low end GPU when the 2200G has a IGP that's as fast or maybe even faster? Pull the 1030 (or is it really a 1020?) and just use the IGP.

If the PSU really is junk that could be the issue. If it's off brand and came with a case you should replace it anyway. The sooner the better.
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