Computer PCU blown?

Chaotic Epilogue

Apr 13, 2014
Hi so basically I've had a 600w power supply in my computer for the last 2 years. It started going bad so I got a new 550 one (was alot cheaper than the others because of the store I got it from) but it ended up not having enough 4 pin cables and the motherboard cable wasn't big enough. At the same store I bought it from they hooked me up with a extender for the motherboard and a
Sata to 4pin adapter. I brought it home everything looked good. It worked fine for a day besides some burning dust smell (I had removed the fan off my giant heat sink and moved the dust a bit but didn't remove all of it, 99% positive this was the cause. But the smell wasn't too strong). But it went away. Then today when I was on it all of the sudden it turned off completely. I immediately went to walmart and got a computer cleaner and blew it out, brought it inside, pressed the power button. Nothing. Not even a flash. Is it the power supply? Or could it be the motherboard not sending the signal?

I have:
msi r9 380
Amd vishera 4 core 3.8
Msi 970A-G43
550w vistek? Power supply not positive the brand name.

Your psu is a firehazard pc killer in a nutshell. Chance is you killed your pc.