Question Computer post problem

Feb 20, 2021

recently I cleaned my PC, took out everything apart the motherboard and psu, after cleaning I put everything back together and now when I try to turn on the computer it first tried turn on for a few seconds, and later when it still didn't boot I tried reseating everything back together, and now it just turns on for 15 seconds, doesn't post, doesn't show anything, the fans just spin, turns off and then in a few seconds after it turns off it turns on again and stays on for an unlimited amount of time, the fans just spin and it doesn't show any signs of life. I tried checking my CPU pins if maybe I bent them somehow, and a few pins we're bent, but I bent them back together. These past few days were true and pure hell.. Would anyone please be willing to give me any advice or help me on what should I do.. My specs are:

mobo: msi z97 pc mate,
ram: hyperx red fury 1866mhz
cpu: intel core i5-4690k
gpu: nvidia gtx 960
psu: nzxt e500 80+ gold