[SOLVED] Computer powers on but no power to the HDMI or USB ports ?

Mar 25, 2021
I bought this computer back in 2019 I loved it and I still do but I am randomly having issues it would intermittently slow down I thought maybe I needed to defrag and do a disk cleanup because that's what initially slow down the previous computer so I'd run those at least twice a week and sometimes when I initially got it it would always save everything the SSD not the other hard drive the hhd

Recently I tried upgrading the SSD and HDD because those do have a bit of a lifespan issue I never got around to getting it out because I didn't have the right screwdriver the only thing I had was a magnetic screwdriver and I wasn't going to do that because magnets and motherboards don't tend to like each other so after I realized I didn't have the right parts to get the SSD out I put the GPU back on because it was in the way at first it refused to post but then I realized the fan for the CPU was slightly off-balance so I fix that problem then it would post but then I had no more power to my USB or HDMI ports because it wouldn't show on my computer screen also a TV and no power would go to my mouse and keyboard these are the specs of my system

I have Asus Prime b series I forget the actual model buddy can handle 64 GB of RAM Max but I only run 16 I have an I-5 9600 k with 16GB of ddr4 3200 megahertz Ram buy G skill

I was running 150 GB SSD buy WB and a barracuda 1tb hard drive 7500 RPM 3 and a 1/2 in and a 500 watt power source buy be quiet

My GPU is a RX 580 Sapphire 8GB

Now I'm giving you some stuff leading up to this and I'm wondering what's going on if this was not random but a long time coming occasionally would bog down and occasionally it would completely freeze if I'm running more than one process I thought I was running too much processes because sometimes I would play games while having an audiobook or iTunes in the background or I would run YouTube or some other streaming service while I play games cuz I need background noise when I play games sometimes earlier today my computer froze up some random reason and for a lot of times my games would freeze up and just died.

It would also randomly disconnect my Wi-Fi adapter but that stopped as of recently because I actually hooked up the ethernet cord directly to the PC I've also had issues with my microphone either the sound was very piss-poor when I plug my microphone and I have really nice microphone or it would be open but for certain games would not work unless I had it for push to talk

I'm just wondering to my computer finally just up and died for being 3 years old and still being somewhat up-to-date because I did have my Ram die around this time last year I had basically the same Ram except it was I do believe 2800 megahertz of ddr4 ram I can't remember the exact but I do know it was something around that

Around May of last year I upgraded the 1050 TI to the RX 580 and I've noticed it a relatively big Improvement I was more worried that my PCU which is 500 watts would not be powerful enough but it was but it does turn on the CPU GPU and fan on the case power up the lights and everything post but I noticed there's also no more beeping when it Powers up anymore and there's no power to my USB and HDMI



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