Computer powers on for 1 second then powers off


Nov 21, 2012
My story starts with
I watching something on my pc , then it randomly switched off , and continued to reboot randomly during start up , idle bios , could do much if I made it in to windows because it switched off. So I took every thing out and reconnecte it . Then the pc would boot with 1 normal beep 2 short and some weird wire hitting fan noise ( nothing was touch fan was motherboard ) then I left it a few hours then I just got normal beep them 2 short without weird noise , tryed taking every thing out again and putting back in, Then pc would start on for 1 second and switch off . Left it the whole night , worked in the morning , but I still got random restarts but much further apart so I could game , but when my computer wasnt working I gave my hardrives to my Cuzin so I could get stuff off them , now I switch off to replug hardrives in and my old graphics card just to see if it would work magically (didn't) and now pc doing the 1 sec reboot /switch off loop again( any hardware tips of Wat could be broken ) :)
The beeping noise is beep codes. They are the BIOS telling you what part failed. They are not always accurate but they help a lot. You can decode the beep code using teh doc that came with your computer or by googling your computer and "troubleshooting". Googling beep codes will tell you a lot about beep codes, but each bios maker has their own code so you need to find your pc;s beep codes.

Good news is this is probably not a software problem.

You've done most of the standard debugging -- pull parts until the PC consistently makes it through power on self test and then beeps to complain about missing parts. Add parts back in until it no longer posts or until it gets unstable. Then suspect the last part.

You are also looking for an electrical problem (short, etc.) so also worry about the motherboard shorting against the case, frayed wires, a partially ajar card shorting against the next pin, etc.

The fan sound is sometimes a stray power wire being hit by the CPU cooler fan. Power on the PC with the side of eh case open and see what you can see.